My iPhone Apps

Apple’s new iPhone and for few Android phones changed the way we live. I am hooked on to my phone for everything from calendar lookup,, email, music, maps, video. I wanted to share my favorite apps. Here is my top 10 must have’s.

1. Calendar – I forget everything easily..if it not on my calendar alert..expect forgotten πŸ˜‰
2. Email – All my personal emails are only checked on my phone..the problem is I forget to respond at times as I might be always checking in a hurry 😦
3. Youtube – Love watching my cooking videos and for my son he loves watching them too along with some kids videos.
4. What’s app – It is a blessing. Now I can chat, group chat with all my closest friends, best friends, family..this is a app I love!!!!
5. Facebook – yeah I browse through the feeds when I can like my emails πŸ˜‰
6. Saavn – I am finally able to see what’s new out there in hindi and listen to them..
7. Solitaire – I love playing the game.
8. Browser – I can really search anything that is on my mind..sometimes I have all 8 parallel sessions open πŸ˜€
9. Cut the rope, Cooking dash and many other games I have graduated πŸ˜€
10. Maps – what would I do if not for maps and direction?

What is your favorite?

5 thoughts on “My iPhone Apps

  1. Love the list, have must of them on my phone except the cooking ones, will give that a shot. Apart from the games and emails I use banking apps as well, wet do most of our banking online πŸ™‚ Another app I am hooked to is instagram.
    All this talk about apps makes me think of this article I read about how mobiles are taking over our lives,
    They make our life simpler and yet complicated.


  2. You bet..I forgot to mention my photo app..I hardly carry my camera anywhere..I could not get the banking apps to work and I have no regrets ;P. I agree instagram is cool too. Pintersest is nice too. It is hard to pick top 10 πŸ˜‰


  3. Okay so now I know why mail replies from you are erratic while FB PM so regular hahaha.

    I am partial towards Blackberry. Have always been reason I choose that over iphone when going for upgrading my cell. Except for Instagram, rest all are accessible even on BB.


  4. Mails top my list. I have a habit of replying to them all and this way its easy.

    After that Youtube and few FM channels. And then crick-info and FIFA live score applications. Google news application. These are the ones I mainly use.


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