Self reflection & learning

My post today is really small..but want to make a point on self reflection and adopting to what we realize.

Recently I have been attending various workshops where I have started to realize how less of time we have for our self with respect to self reflection and learning. May be we do self reflect, but don’t put any effort to adapt? It is purely my state of mind with my schedule. I have started to wonder how everyone else manage this? I believe this is equally important for our growth. This can minimize the amount of stress we deal on day to day basis as well. Most of our stress can be related to not being able to proactively manage our expectations and thoughts and expectations and thoughts can be set based on self reflection on thoughts and learning to adapt.

We have also started to spend lot of free time over the gadgets as well, which takes away the time to self reflect.

What are your thoughts?


Kids and Digital era

We are right in the midst of a Digital era. It is probably safe to say every house hold has a laptop, data enabled phones, iPad’s, notebook or some form of digital toy!

This is a big change with kids. My daughter thinks board games are bored games and when I say play they think it is game online or watching TV. The word game has a changed meaning? I don’t know if this just with all the kids? I used to take my son for a little sport clinic and I used to see parents with iPad and kids’s version of iPad’s. The little siblings waiting for their brother or sister would be occupied with those digital toys.

I heard this sometime on radio during Christmas last year. They were questioned on how much is safe to spend for Christmas and I had hard digesting they all were thinking in hundreds and most of them said they buy all new digital accessories for their kids from their wish list.

For me all these is a Nice to have and not a Must have. I still struggle to push my kids to play games like we did growing up..but I do have to agree it is a challenge. They come back to me every five mins asking what next and I am bored. Kids play date is more a mom’s planning even with 10 year old kids. But in turn if you let them loose they exactly know where on web should they navigate to and not come back to you for hours.

Where are we headed? Was the digital change good or is this being overused?

I am sure we have benefits of learning and exposing them to various new languages or art form or music. Search and dictionary is easy. No more big books. I am able draft a blog on my iPhone and spell check/grammar check. Lots of nice and easy things. I am planning to consolidate the list we benefit as well. Stay tuned!!

Meanwhile share your thoughts and experiences with digital era.