Self reflection & learning

My post today is really small..but want to make a point on self reflection and adopting to what we realize.

Recently I have been attending various workshops where I have started to realize how less of time we have for our self with respect to self reflection and learning. May be we do self reflect, but don’t put any effort to adapt? It is purely my state of mind with my schedule. I have started to wonder how everyone else manage this? I believe this is equally important for our growth. This can minimize the amount of stress we deal on day to day basis as well. Most of our stress can be related to not being able to proactively manage our expectations and thoughts and expectations and thoughts can be set based on self reflection on thoughts and learning to adapt.

We have also started to spend lot of free time over the gadgets as well, which takes away the time to self reflect.

What are your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Self reflection & learning

  1. Ani, gods gift to show your all reflections about yourself, mostly imaginary and rarely true, is called THE WIFE. Mine does it all the time ;-)!


  2. Self reflection is very very important when it comes to learning process. But trick also lies in joining the dots so as to really learn and adapt. Self reflection is the reason why I go gayab at times during weekends (and get jhaar) without telling anyone. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You all manage the house besides your job. No idea how you all can find time for this self reflection. Seriously how you all manage!!!


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