Half Marathon Experience

For a year now, a good friend of mine introduced me and trained me to do Half Marathon’s. I must admit it is addictive. I had sleepless nights thinking what would happen if I cannot finish and chased myself to train. I was novice when it came to daily cardio or exercise routine, I had started to feel lethargic as well. The cardio routine not only helped me tone but also brought in awareness to many different things that I was ignorant of. My diet, healthy options of grains and nutrient facts and list goes on.

I have been inspired since then. My recommendation is anyone can plan to do this with a proper planning. I planned 12 weeks ahead the first time around. This helped me build my stamina slow and steady. Consistency was key and patience was needed. Plan usually depends on our health conditions and pace. I started based on my doctor’s recommendation. It is important to understand your body needs especially when it comes to running. You want to know if you can sustain running or you are just a fast walker or you are combination.

The next thing is I learnt was to understand the need for proper nutrition. My nutritionist did add more proteins to my diet. The previous night before any long distance practice, I ate good amount of carbs to keep me going the next day. I also started with vitamins which helped me as I am a vegetarian.

Other than this, during the run I always carried my water and coconut water, sports jelly beans, my phone which would track my pace and plan. Most importantly I had one of my best friend who gave me company on my long runs. The weekdays were challenging as we had to do this on our own in the beginning. The plan usually builds starting at 15 mins twice a week and then doing a 40 mins on our first weekend. Every week we increase 5 mins more on week day and double our weekday practice minutes for weekend.

For example

The plan increases mins across every week for 12 weeks. The longest practice we did was for 145 mins. The week before marathon we do 60 mins to rest and prepare the body for the final day.

There are many websites who share the plan for beginners and for anyone planning to start, that is a good read. I am no expert yet and just sharing my experience here.

There are quite a lot of articles published on marathon and I think it is always better to understand what is expected before starting. My learning was during the practice, but every time me and my friend got better. We have now completed 3 half marathons and planning to do atleast 2 every year. Every marathon we have increased our pace to completion and trying to do better. It is a challenge. I could have never done it with out my friend.

I am glad I signed up for this. It has motivated me to do better and I also feel much stronger mentally, emotionally and physically. I still have to work on my patience πŸ˜‰

Hope I inspired few πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Half Marathon Experience

  1. Good Morning Anitha.. A nice read the first thing in the morning! You are doing great and I am sure you will have many more Half’s and at least one Full in your life time! It motivated me, let’s shoot for our LSD on Saturday…


  2. Hats off to you Anitha!!!! No “anyone” canot do it. This needs loads of will power and shaking off laziness. Because of medical reasons I need to take walks every morning and everyday I sulk and crib. And this is going on for last more than say two years. Hahaha. What you did and do, needs lot of will power. Its a BIG achievement.


    • Hi Bhaskar, we all have WILL power and there are things that you do and I cannot imagine to do as well. Trust me I too crib everytime I go for a walk/run. If you have been walking for 2 years..you can do with little planning. All it takes is a goal and I know you can πŸ˜€


  3. Enjoyed reading your blog, Anitha! What a great will power you have. It does take a lot on a person’s part to accomplish it. So proud of you. Exercise is addicting. I’m glad you have it. Thanks for sharing!


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