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It is that time of the season where we all catch common cold and cough. The time also reminds me of my childhood days and grandma’s care and remedies. She had abandon knowledge and remedies up her sleeve. From cold , cough to even jaundice. I always asked her how she knew all this and if she can share them with me. She shared some common one’s and some she said cannot be shared šŸ˜¦

Over the years many have shared the tips and tricks and I thought this may be best way to compile them.

Some good ones I still follow with myself and for my kids-

Cold and cough

1. Honey – everyday one teaspoon honey with warm water or just plain honey helps calm your throat.

2. Warm water and turmeric – mix 1/4 tsp turmeric in 1-2 cupe warm water and drink

3. Salt water gargle – warm water and add 1-2 tsp salt and mix well. Gargle this few times a day.

4. May sound weird – keep an cut onion or garlic pods peeled in the bed room. This is supposed to capture the bad germs and kill them :p

5. Hot soups, lemon and honey tea is all supposed to help as well.

6. For little kids- rub Vicks on their foot and wear socks on top before sleep. This works faster on then little munchkins. My grandma always massaged Vicks on throat and around my nose to breath constantly while I went to sleep as a kid.

7. Plenty of water and good sleep. It is really needed as your body is fighting those bad viruses.

8. Pepper rasam – a soup with lots of garlic and pepper helps.

9. Holy basil eaten helps fighting cold. For children the juice of holy basil and bay leaves are given to help with cold as well.

10. Avoid eating fried good or sugary contents

11. Run humidifier in winter and cool mist in summer. This will help with drying throat.

For cuts.

1. Turmeric has great benefits. I remember mom putting little turmeric on cuts and small bruises for healing instead of bandages.


1. Prunes, banana- it is best to aid with digestion.

2. Cinnamon power -1/2 spoon, 1 spoon honey and 1 cup warm water mix it and drink


1. one spoonful of mustard seeds or fenugreek swallowed with buttermilk.


1. Plenty of water and sleep

2. Head massage with warm coconut or olive oil helps

Leg aches and hand aches or sprains

1. Warm olive oil massage can definitely help

2. Stretches – stretch your arm both sides like it is getting pulled in either direction..it relives the strain and pain

Dark circles

1. Tea bags – left over tea bags refrigerated for an hour and keep it on your eyes for 10 mind

2. Potato or cucumber slices on your eyes for 10 mins

Dry skin

1. Winter can dry your skin really fast if not moisturized well. Mix rose water and lemon juice 1:1 and apply, this will make your skin smooth.

I am sure there are plenty more. This is my first attend to compile what I have heard over the years and tried.

Share what you know šŸ˜€

Btw..today is doomsday and god has a different plan for all of us..may be another chance to be good!

2 thoughts on “Home Remedies

  1. Thanks for the infor! I’ve tried Vic on the soles of my feet – it works to stop a cough. For any conjestion i use Olbus Oil.. you can get it at whole foods. It works wonders!
    Fpr bags – I have heard cold tea spoons, but never tried it! Swelling under the eyes comes from not only lack of sleep but excess sugar and alcohol!


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