Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all.

The feeling of Christmas is around starts when Christmas carols and songs are on radio and you hear the little kids singing jingle bells non stop.

Kids are excited around this time of the year. A small Christmas tree is decked with ornaments. My princess and my munchkin are pretty excited to display their artwork from school, peppermint candy cane along with various ornaments collected over the years. Tintin, snoopy, heart shape glass ornaments, ornaments with kids pictures, bells, gift boxes they all have a spot on our family Christmas tree. They have hand written list for Santa with their wish list under the tree, hoping Santa gets them what they wished for πŸ˜‰

Although it is not a tradition that I grew up with, I believe in every religion and faith and it feels good to be part of it as well. It started initially when my princess asked for a Christmas tree and not wanting to break her heart we got a small tree. We have been following all festivals from India and this is added to list of celebrations for our family.

The celebrations are usually accompanied with small gift exchange for the kids and some home cooked food just for the family, laid back movies times and spending time with each other.

This also let’s me teach my children to accept and respect people’s faith and religion along with what they follow. For me the human religion is considered the upmost and looking at what’s going around in the world, it is very important to continue to teach our kids about peace and humanity.

I am thankful for this year. I am looking forward to more good times with my family and friends.

Feliz Navidad !!!

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