Pay it forward!

The year 2012 almost coming close to being history. A history with some good and memorable and cherish-able events and some not so much.

2012 year for me was a year for personal growth as a mom as a professional and biggest one bejng a HUMAN. Some of the events in Connecticut and In India have been mind disturbing and my head and heart cannot come to peace with those cruel acts.

On the other hand I am so blessed to have some wonderful people from family and friends who make every day special.

Recently we travelled to Palm Springs where my princess was frozen with cold when we reached the 8000 ft level. The kids were having a blast in snow and suddenly my princess was sick. I had so many people come care about her and take care. My dear good friends Sujatha and Shyamala were beside her all the time. My heart was just pounding with stress and they just took charge. I just see this act of kindness and hear it means pay it forward.

Think of all the good times and wonderful acts and end your year to make it better and cherish-able.

PAY IT FORWARD. I will and wish you all can do that as well. HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE!!!

Here is a good thought I want to share as we move into 2013.



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