Kids and new era gadgets

Many kids these days have atleast one Apple or similar product like iPod, iTouch, iPhone, iPad. It is a new market share for these companies. I am sure the smart sales and marketing folks thought about this new gadgets and how this can revoluntize the market in terms of little Kids and teens. Almost every kid need not be taught on how to use these toys. They are visual and intriguing for the little minds. They figure out in no time on how to use and have a hang of it.

I am sure every parent have pressure from their kids to buy these new gadgets as it is now the new cool toy to own. If you don’t then they feel left out and you can see and feel their pain. With that said, why we can’t we have these gadgets released only for this industry where in a parent can be less worry some to buy these and be able to have the parental control. The lack of parental control on these gadgets can be consequences for many mishaps.

What is the minimum we should provide on these? Calendar, email, notepad, music, recorder, Clock, Calculator few kid friendly games and educative series?

I am sure every parent would be more willing to invest in a product that is kid safe rather than giving in due to pressure. There are parents who are successful in not getting into the pressure and competative mode, but how many? If we had the controls in, I think they will have a better market share.

I recently read an article where a mom wrote an 18 point contract to her kid and had him sign with an iPhone gift. She was hilarious and creative, and I am sure she had jitters getting that gadget and hence the contract. But do we really want to write contracts to our kids. I understand the responsibility factor and learning factor, but this could be totally avoided if we had a kid friendly version in the market..just my 2 cents and my thoughts as of today 😀

BTW just for the kick of it..I thought of writing this high level requirement for Apple and other companies to come up with a product 😉

1. Option to pick and choose what apps can be pre-loaded.
2. Parental control 101 – like inbuilt firewall which can track and send the usage stats to parents 😉
3. Ability to disable from master (parent’s phone or account) ;-P
4. Kid friendly iTunes website (educational series based on age selection which should be controlled by parent again)
5. Cool looking..well that is what kids go for…is the look and feel.
6. Basic call option.
7. Web browsing with limited options to sites, basically blocking sites which are not kid friendly.
8. Radio disney, Dictionary kind of apps

This is the reflection of my mind for today..what do you guys have on your mind lately?

Happy Reading!!!


5 thoughts on “Kids and new era gadgets

  1. Parental control Firewall is definitely a need. If that gets installed lot of your “Demands” 😉 from Apple can be met.

    BTW hope you know Bill Gates has banned Apple product for his kids. 😛


      • I too feel its out of professional reason that he brought this ban.

        But its true if some sort of parental control is not brought, it can be harmful. Especially because they are all too addictive. And with so many interesting apps with Apple product, it can be really hard to keep control.


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