Food blogs & sites that inspire me and a easy healthy recipe makeover

I enjoy watching cooking shows and videos and get inspired and cook when I do get time to try new things.

I thought of sharing some of my goto sites and inspirational sites.

The vah chef has so many good video lessons for a novice cook. It has helped me to a great extent to pick up some good cooking skills.

Manjula’s kitchen

She cooks many good vegetarian cooking. Simple and delicious and she is US based so helps with ingredients matches as well.


The 2 ladies are amazing teaching some simple tricks and some easy recipes as well. This was the first video based site I encountered and was impressed.


She cooks all Andhra meals which are my favorite. It helps me connect better with my friends and family and has a great collection of recipes.

Food food and Sanjeev kapoor videos

They have a great collection of recipes as well.


I love browsing and book marking all good recipes. I love baking and I enjoy browsing and looking for easy recipes.


She has a great blog and collection of recipes as well.

Other notable blogs and Facebook feeds

1. Babble
3. Monsoon cooking
4. Namma adugamane
5. Aggie’s kitchen
6. Oh she glows
7. Mansoon spice
8. Joyofbaking
9. Family fresh cooking
10. Thelady8home – a blog by a very good friend
11. Cooking with my kid

And not to forget family and friends who are awesome cooks too and I get to learn a lot from them. Some of them have turned some good old traditional versions to healthy options making then much more easier to consume without guilt.

One such recipe-

To make dosa or paddu

1 cup urad dal soaked
3 cups semolina

Grind the urad dal and mix semolina with water and then add the ground urad dal, salt and make it to dosa consistency and ferment overnight.

Enjoy with chutney or sambar by using the dough to make dosa or pancakes.

To make paddu add onions, grated carrots, green chille paste per taste and mix well into the dough. Use the paddu maker to make small and yummy paddu’s. Enjoy these with chutney’s too.

The above recipe was shared by a very good friend of mine. I thought she was super smart to do this.

The above recipe has replaced rice to semolina, which is a healthier option to rice. Enjoy these changes and share them with me 🙂

If you have some good options to replace the high carb or fat to healthier choices, do share them with me.


Embedded thoughts

There are many wonderful quotes I read and get inspired with. But, I was pondering on some good thoughts shared from many who have touched my life in many good ways…helping me be a better person. I remind myself of many of these quotes as they cheer me and help me move ahead!

I will continue to refine this space as I come across more in the future.


1. Remember positives and ignore the negatives – mom

2. Why do you think I am struggling? I am using my time wisely and being busy and that helps me – mom

3. I don’t want to praise my kids. I want to hear them from others – mom

4. Family is the most important thing – aunt Sarla

5. You cannot control what people think. You can control what you think.

6. Apply what you have learnt.

7. Remember you are never ready for the position..thought can be applied on both personal and professional level – courtesy my leader.

8. Remember it is a journey – courtesy my leader.

9. Every day is a new challenge. Go with that thought and ask what’s new today and bring it on!! – a colleague.

10. What is the most important thing? – courtesy my mentor.

11. With responsibility comes accountability. Accountability drives results. Thought was apt for personal or professional level.

12. If you are not thinking positive, you feed negative – My friend Sumedha.

13. Work on what you have and leave the rest – my friend Sumedha.

14. Do not over think.

15. There is no right or wrong – My friend Sumedha

16. Dream big dreams.

17. Never become so busy making a living that you forget your life.

Most of these is common and you may have heard it. For me these are valuable advice and I cherish the thoughts behind and value what each one have said. It is great to be able to summarize and read them over and over.