Weekend Project – Upholstery of my bar stools

I have been hunting for a swivel bar stool covers for a while. My kids and I had rough used it and it needed an uplift. I could not believe I couldn’t find one for that size. Most of them were standard sizes and this one was 2 inches bigger. There are many custom cover makers, but they were turning out $35 per piece and shipping. I just needed to spend a little more and I could get a brand new stool!

I decided I will have mom get one stitched back in India as I am not good at stitching. I continued to research more on stitching options and I came across many blogs who did no sewing covers and easy steps to make covers and list was on.

I decided to visit the walmart craft store and see if I could get a good material to try my experiment on. I met a lady named Cecilia and she patiently explained to me how to sew elastic and measure. I still looked confused and unsure and shared my concern with her. She then suggested I should use the staple gun and it would be the easiest way for me.

So I grabbed my material, staple gun, scotch gaurd to protect and reached home with a mission (sounds like I was heading to win a game).

1. I unscrewed the seats from the stool.
2. I cut my material in half for 2 stools.
3. I drew a circle using my seat on the material with enough material left to pull and staple.
4. I cut them to look like a circle and stapled the four opposite sides to hold it in place.
5. Slowly I folded the rest to remove any wrinkles and stapled them carefully.
6. I placed the seat back in the stool and screwed them back to its position.
7. Used scotch gaurd to protect from spills and let it dry.

Finally so proud to have done something by myself. Loved it. Will be using my staple gun for more projects. Just have to look for ideas now πŸ˜‰

Here are some pictures from before and steps I followed and final product!

Let me know if you liked it!!!




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