Detox away!

Why do we need to detox..

We consume lot of chemicals either in food or air we breath in. Some of the signs when we know we need a detox could be as simple as lack of energy, insomnia, allergies, headaches. 

There are various reasons you need to detox – mainly to improve your immune systems, removing toxins from your organs like liver, stomach, kidney, loose weight by improving your metabolism and burning fat, increase energy levels and so on.

Our parents and ancestors would fast periodically and gain the same benefits. With the cultural shift, we barely fast but we are cool with here I am trying to write some benefits to get some of us motivated for the same.

There are various blogs, products, articles that are written out there on detox. But the simple things we can do in a day to day can help big ways.

1. Drink plenty of water, additionally flavor with cucumber, lemon or mint to enhance detoxing.

2. Eat simple home made food like khichdi with rice or oats, raw vegetables salads, fruits, simple soups, sprouts, quinoa, brown rice, black rice, wild rice, steamed vegetables, Raita, leafy vegetables.

3. Say no to caffineated drinks like coffee, tea. Instead have green tea, herbal teas, ginger tea, salt lassi, salted buttermilk.

4. Protein intake by adding eggs, beans, tofu in every meal.

5. Make your sweet cravings satisfied by eating fresh fruits.

Start with once a week as you can see your body will react to the process. Based on how your body reacts, you will need to figure out the frequency as once a week or once a month or twice a month or once a year.  There are more challenging ways to detox as well as you learn about it. You could be on complete liquid or fruit diet for couple of days. But listen to your body and work with it. The best way to start is by eliminating processed food and intake lots of water and having one meal as kitchdi. Pick a day which is less hectic to ensure you are energy can be contained. Add simple exercises or yoga in your routine.

The benefits are large from improving your state of health to state of mind. 

Finally thanking my dear friend for motivating me to write this and do this again as a common goal!

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